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Dongguan Tinshine Tin Box Co, Ltd


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Dongguan Tinshine Tin Box Co, Ltd was established in early 2007. Dongguan Tinshine Tin Box Co, Ltd is located in Qishi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It is a group-oriented and international export-oriented metal packaging enterprise specializing in tinplate printing and canning as its core business.


The company is large-scale, well-equipped, and strong in technology. Today, Tinshine has developed into a group company with an iron-making factory and five can-making factories.


The company has more than 620 presses of different specifications, including 32 sets of 63 tons to 160 tons of punching machines, 2 sets of 300 tons and 500 tons of hydraulic presses, and more than 200 sets of various canning machinery and equipment, which can form more than 80 stamping and can making. Production line, more than 40 packaging lines, more than 60 (Taiwan) automated production lines; the company can produce more than 28 million kinds of iron cans per month, with strong production and manufacturing capabilities.


Since the second half of 2010, the company has set up an automated canning equipment development center, which has trained and attracted a group of equipment development designers and engineers. The various automated production lines for independent research and development, design and manufacture are the first in China and abroad, filling the miscellaneous goods. The domestic and international blanks of the tank industry.


The company's main product types: candy, chocolate, biscuits, egg rolls, moon cakes and other food cans, perfumes, skin care products and other cosmetic cans, wine cans, candle cans, gift cans, promotional items cans, cigarette cases, pencil cases, CD/DVD boxes , mobile phone battery box, game product packaging box and various other packaging products. The product distribution covers the whole country and is exported to Hong Kong, Japan and other Asian countries as well as many countries in Europe and America.


The company integrates product design, 2D/3D design, plastic model making, mold design and manufacturing, automated production line design and manufacturing, film design and output, digital proofing, four-color and spot color paper output, CTP output, iron manuscript production, Tinplate printing, canning and packaging have formed a one-stop quality service, and are in a leading position in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong and even China.


In order to meet the needs of high-quality food can packaging, the company has built more than 1600 square meters of food-grade packaging workshops and equipped with 20 packaging production lines, designed and constructed in strict accordance with GMP and HACCP food cleanliness standards, and implemented fully enclosed management, providing food packaging. Reliable security guarantee.


Tinshine has always attached great importance to the construction of corporate culture. After eight years of cultural precipitation, it has formed a complete corporate culture and created the Song of Tinshine. The Tinshine people always use the company's "Core Values" and "Code of Conduct" as a guide to action, always remembering the working methods of "advance with the times, rapid response, teamwork", and use the "serious and responsible, excellence" work style for our customers. Provide: product design and modification recommendations, good product quality and quality service. At the same time, Tinshine attaches great importance to the training of cadres and staff and amateur cultural life. Through the "please come in, send out, online business school, internal lecturers, practical exercises, games, group discussions and PK", etc. Cadres and employees implement all-round management methods, management skills, operational skills, safety awareness, communication skills, mentality and other aspects of training, fully embody the "people-oriented" governance concept, enhance the company's comprehensive management capabilities and competitiveness!


Through the unremitting efforts of the company's employees, Tinshine has been with many famous companies at home and abroad, such as: Wrigley, IKEA, Mars, Li & Fung, Hershey, Kraft, Dior, Heinz, Yinglian, Master Kong, Johnnie Walker, Jack Danny, Nestle, Jiadun, Yilite Wine, Yuen Long, Guangzhou Restaurant, Tongrentang and Dali Park have established long-term and stable strategic cooperation relationship. Tieshenghui has won customers with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service. Trust and praise.