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Dongguan Tinshine Tin Box Co, Ltd


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Add: No.123, dongyuan avenue, shipai town, dongguan city,
guangdong province


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Core value of Tinshine

Customer first, good faith; sense of responsibility, innovation and entrepreneurship

Business philosophy of Tinshine

Quality, efficiency, cost and safety;


Mission of Tinshine 

Build a happy life for employees with love and care

Improve brand value for client with craftsmanship


Vision of Tinshine

Become the most respected tin product enterprise in the world


Code of conduct at Tinshine

Results-oriented; do things right the first time

Dare to take responsibility;

Pay attention to details, emphasize work quality;

Have work done with diligence and intelligence

Never put off and continue to improve


Work principles of Tinshine

“Three must and three never” rules:

Must advance with times and never sit tight

Must respond fast and never follow the routine

Must cooperate and never confront


Work style of Tinshine

Never seek excuses, only find ways out; be responsible and seek excellence;


Quality policy of Tinshine

Excellent team; excellent quality; keep promise; destined to prosper


Team of Tinshine

Excellent team, ever-growing team, brilliant team


Song of Tinshine


Tinshine people must bear in mind three disciplines and eight points for attention:

Firstly, all inspections are subject to standard and no release without conforming to standard

Secondly, three-never principle is fundamental and only proceed with a pass 

Thirdly, quality and efficiency is lifeline, doing it right the first time is key and important.


We have to comply with the three disciplines and bear in the eight points for attention

Firstly, we must make accurate plan and plan production well to lower cost

Secondly, we must stick to routine inspection, focus on details and work quality

Thirdly, we must clarify, comprehend and execute the inspection standard

Fourthly, we must ensure accurate data statistics and bear in mind systematic input

Fifthly, we must keep true records for traceability in case of complaint

Sixthly, once quality problem occurs, must organize a review

Seventhly, communication and coordination are important and team work achieves higher work efficiency

Eighthly, all clients are God and customer satisfaction is top priority 

Bear in mind workflow, never violate regulations and rules

Stay honest and responsible, stay people-oriented for business sustainability

Innovation drives teams ahead and is welcomed by staff and customers